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Rushi Enterprise

Rushi Enterprise has become the leading Small Medium Enterprise and supplier of personal care products in India, office in Surat city, India. Since its founding in Surat in 2009. The company expanded its operations in India in 2009 under the Laajo brand. This is the highly effective Hair Care & Skin Care Products made with natural ingredients. All our products are processed using excellent quality natural ingredients in accordance with best quality standards. Marketed under the brand name Laajo, Our products are highly applauded for its no harmful chemical, natural fragrance, skin friendliness, purity, accurate composition and excellent results.

Youth Power is very focused with anti aging ingredients. Rich in antioxidants to capture and neutralize free radicals that lead to dull skin and premature aging.

DD stands for Dynamic Defense Cream. It is the most recent individual from the cluster and protects your skin against the sun. It moisturizes your skin and offers sheer coverage. Apart from that, the cream also has anti-aging protection. You can use DD cream if you want to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, scars, dark-spots on the skin and helps to clean the skin.

                             DD cream makes the skin look fresh and radiant.